Bigg Boss Ganesh What is Meditate? How to use Mediate in Your Life?


Bigg Boss Ganesh, He never gets angry easily because he do meditate and self-control one of the major reasons was he, do mediate Why we Need mediate Peoples have lots of work And they handle money Problems so they easily Stress. Some people Short timber lots of Peoples meditate that Persons. A lot of people Don’t know how to handle The stress situation They take the wrong decision Are anger with others Peoples.Daily you do ten minutes In meditation you forget Every thinks to mediate Empty mind it helps for your life, For example, You take Bigg, boss, Ganesh He Never Get Angry to easily take good habits from other peoples.


Why Ajith has more fans?


The main reason was he Wasn’t using for fans, he Has very dough Background. He comes from a middle-class background So he knows that earn Money is very difficult. His respect for everyone Some people get money And get popularity automatically came Hardheaded but he doesn’t have the habit. This Is the identify the very simple man. That is the main reason I only like Ajith.

He is not studying Engineering are arts, but he spoke English very well every one listen for Ajith only one important he has more self-confident. He faces many failures, but after some year he comes back. Ajith means self confident and simplicity If you want to improve your life follow the habits this is my personal opinion

Hostel Life

Hostel life is more difficult but less enjoyable. you live in the home your lot of space available for you.
But hostel only limited space available. Next food problem everyone knows that compared hostel food and home food. Your home not adjects but live hostel adjusts every. You do some mistake adjusted for your home but hostel meant never adjust.
A lot of Character in hostels you adjusted for every thinks. They have different characters and different type of person
hostel life more effective privity because every time some person has in the hostel. No relative near you mind effective you

Mobile Addict

A few years back we go to train or bus see some new person and speak them and Respect for them. We speak a lot of thinking. But nowadays peoples not speak much more. Do not interest for species. Less for common sense increase for the gap between the family peoples. A lot of advantages of mobiles, but most of the peoples do not use there.Nowadays most people have worst habit was not respected peoples. Children and youngsters play Violent games. It is affected by society. Peoples are feeling lonely we are connecting the internet when ever, but we do not connect real life peoples. After few years Peoples not live without android mobiles that situation comes nearly. the increase for technology violent also increases the socially. At least listen and speak for your family members not using technology to speak directly. Don’t audit for technology


Why oviya is most popular in Big Boss? 

She is Beauty she dances well it is the one of the reasons. But the main reason was she was 
clever and accept our mistakes she do some mistakes immediately told sorry for any person. 
She hasn't spoken behind by the people our mistakes. No on not give respect she doesn't 
give respects, but the respective person she gives respect

Why they did not get the job for after graduation Engineering Students?

Lot of students study the engineering subjects before exam date. So they do not understand the subjects they for everything. simply they pass that subjects. But life long they never understand the subjects. After finished Engineering they go for interview with out preparation then how to get the job.please realize your mistakes in interview. you do not realize your mistakes never get the jobs in your related educational line.


Don’t Expect quick improvement

A lot of people want to quickly earn money so they want to quickly learn something It is not stable. you earn money don’t want quickly this is not stable. I learn for the subject loose for some years. So you don’t loose for some years . don’t want to be the immediate result for anyone.

 Why You Study?

Most of the students study the subjects in our college life theoretically not practical. So after finishing the course they did not get in the job.

After graduation why you study some extra courses?

Same mistake do again.They learn courses same theoretical way than how can they get the job after finished the course. Chose real time training class and good training center

Why India Lost The Test Match in South Africa?


Lot of Reason for India Lost South Africa

1.Drop Catches it is one of the main Reason

2. India want Quickly Wickets so they lost all Quickly reviews

3. India Mostly depand one player in Batting Kohli

4. Indian Players did not know which ball leave which ball choose So Out side
Off stumps Many Players out